At the Trading Post you will find the following:

  • The office for check-ins, reservations and customer service

  • The Gift Shop - native and western giftware and souvenirs

  • Basic groceries, snack foods, pop, ice

  • Rental camping supplies

  • Rental sports equipment

  • Hot showers (FREE) & washrooms

  • Coin laundry

  • Public pay phone

  • Firewood sales

  • Propane sales (10lb containers and up)

  • Electrical outlets in the washrooms

In the campground you will find the following:

  • Outdoor chemical toilets

  • Bear-proof garbage bins

  • Sand volleyball court & badminton court

  • Horseshoe pit

  • Grassy area for soccer, games, etc.


Three wells: the water hydrant behind the Trading Post is drinkable water and has a hose to enable filling water jugs/ RVs. The other two have hand pumps. No water access at the sites.


No power is available at the sites; however, there are electrical outlets in the washrooms at the Trading Post. We generate our own power on-site. When the generator is off for regular maintenance, there is no power. Signs will be posted to alert you to these times. Bring your flashlights!


Accepted, but with a $4.00 charge per pet, per night. Please respect campers who prefer not to have pets around: do not leave pets alone at the site when you go hiking or driving - a barking dog (at any time) can ruin a pleasant day for fellow campers; please keep your pet on a leash in the campground and pick up after them.


Available at the Trading Post. You are also welcome to bring your own (as long as it is from Alberta). It is illegal to collect deadwood in Kananaskis.

Useful items to bring:

  • Warm clothes and bedding; a jogging suit and socks for sleeping, rain gear

  • Axe, lanterns and flashlights

  • Cooking equipment, food, campstove, cooler and matches

  • Water jug and basin as well as a pot for heating water for washing dishes.

  • Black garbage bags

There is no central dishwashing station; dishes must be washed at the campsite, not at the water wells or in the washrooms.

Camping is fun but sometimes finding and packing all the supplies can be a big job. Or maybe you're flying into Calgary and staying in hotels between Calgary and Banff, but you want to give the children a few nights in the tipi. What can you do?

Let Sundance help you out!

At the Trading Post, we rent bedding, towels, cooking utensil kits, camp stoves and cots. Amounts are limited, so we strongly recommend booking these items when you make your reservation. Supplies are picked up at the office on arrival and returned to the office at checkout (please note that supplies left at the site will be subject to a minimum $30 pickup charge). If you don't need your supplies, please call ahead so we can make them available to other campers. Items booked but not cancelled until check-in are subject to a $5 charge per item.

Supply Rentals:

  • Bedding: sheets, pillow(s), and duvet or sleeping bag & liner

    • Double $18/night

    • Single $15/night

  • Towel Set: face cloth, hand towel, bath towel

    • $9/set per stay

  • Campstove (fuel included)

    • $13/night

  • Cot: fold-up, canvas with metal frame; best for children

    • $10/night

  • Cooking Utensil Kit - (for four people) includes mugs, bowls, plates, camp cutlery, frying pan, pot, campfire coffeepot, dish soap & towel all packed into a storage box that can be used to wash the dishes; and, if you need it, we'll add a cooler (we sell ice at the Trading Post).

    • $24/night

To inquire about rentals for your stay please email (supplies are limited).

Camping supplies are not available for rental by groups in high season