Group Reservations

We are a small family campground and are not set up or suitable for most family reunions, stags, stagettes, weddings, corporate get-togethers or teen groups. We do not have a kitchen shelter or separate group area and our strict Quiet Hours are between 10:30 p.m. and 8 a.m. seven days a week.

All Groups/ Organizers are subject to the Group Payment and Cancellation Policies below as they differ from those given for Single Reservations.

On weekends, Groups are limited to a maximum of six sites.

Definition of a Group Reservation:

  • Three to six sites booking together (such as family groups, neighbours, etc.).

  • Any organized group with any number of sites (even just one site) such as: church organizations, schools, social services groups, scouting groups, etc.

For more information on School and Youth Groups click here.

It is the responsibility of the Group Organizer to make all participants aware of the Campground Rules, Group Payment and Cancellation Policies.

Only the Group Organizer/credit card holder may cancel/change a reservation by phone or email.

If a group requests a specific area, e.g., a group of three trapper's tents together, they must fill and keep all three sites or they may be bumped if another group requires three sites together.

The total number of groups and the number of sites per group are limited on weekends. Acceptance of a Group booking will depend on several factors including when complete booking information is received as well as availability of the number and type of sites. If you have a larger group, we do take larger groups midweek.


Group Booking Policy

If we allot space to your group: the space is confirmed after we receive the completed booking info and deposit.

To keep the group together - a combination of tipis and trapper’s tents may be required. Although we try to honour your request for either tipis or trapper’s tents, we cannot guarantee which kind or which specific site numbers you will have.

Minimum Weekend Stays: regular - two nights; long weekend - three nights

This is “adventure-accommodation,” NOT a hotel.  Bring appropriate outdoor camping supplies and clothing.

Camping supplies for Groups are not available during high season. For low season, they must be booked ahead and are subject to a 15% service charge if more than eight people.

All rates are subject to the 5% GST and a nonrefundable $ 10.00 booking fee per site.

Maximum of four adults per site.  The number of people at check-in cannot exceed the number given upon reservation.

* It is the Organizer’s responsibility to ensure, before arrival, that group members are aware of all rules, terms and conditions and that they abide by them during the stay.  If some are likely to disregard any of the rules, the Organizer should book a different campground to avoid disappointment by the group. Failure to abide by the Campground Rules, may, at the discretion of the management, result in the eviction of individual campers or the entire group without refund/credit of any kind. Any losses/damages to Sundance Lodges property resulting from the Group’s stay are the responsibility of the Group Organizer and members.


Group Payment - responsible by Group organizer

All reservations are prepaid. Payment denotes agreement with all rules, terms and conditions.

Payment is by credit card (Visa, MC, AMEX). Onsite we also accept cash, debit and traveler’s cheques. No wire transfers/cheques.

Bookings of one night: total amount owing is due on booking.

Bookings of two or more nights: deposit of 50% of the total amount owing is due at booking with one transaction; the balance owing is due one month before arrival, also with one transaction. You may call in before the balance is due to use a different card for the balance.

Sundance Lodges does not split up Group reservation payment across individuals within the group.

One night stays for Groups can be booked as of June 1 with full payment.

Cancellation Policy   

Once a Group payment is made, cancellation charges are applicable. Booking Fees are separate and non-refundable. Cancellations must be emailed or called into to the office. If received:

  • One month or more before arrival – any changes are subject to a $20 charge per site;

  • Less than one month before arrival or during the stay - no refunds /credits for sites or nights cancelled or not used for any reason, including, but not limited to: leaving early / no shows / inclement weather / family emergency, etc...

Please Note: If you have a cancellation from within the Group after booking:

  • You may either fill the site yourself and inform Sundance Lodges OR ask us to resell the site with applicable charges. If not resold, no refund.

  • The cancelled site must be one of the “outside” Group sites - so reorganization by the Organizer may be necessary.

  • If you have booked one of the three site Group areas on a weekend (23, 24, 25 / 30, 31, 32 / 38B, 39, 40A), you must keep all three sites or risk being bumped elsewhere in the campground. Only the Group Organizer or credit card holder can change/cancel a reservation.


Check-in Time

3:00 p.m. – 8 p.m.  ( 6 p.m. mid-week in Sept.)

All guests must check in to their sites individually at the office before going to their sites.

If a guest will be late, the Organizer must make arrangements at the office, especially if the guest is renting supplies.


Check-out Time

11 a.m. (tipis and trapper’s tents); 12 noon for campsites.                                                                            

We appreciate adherence to check-out times as staff must complete their cleaning within a specified time. Thank you!


WAIVER  SUNDANCE LODGES LTD.  AND ITS EMPLOYEES accept no responsibility for: Delays/cancellations due to inclement weather, fire, natural disasters, accidents, illness, injury, frustration, disappointment or other factors over which we have no control; loss, theft or damage to luggage/ personal belongings; accidents/ Injuries/ death occurring on or off our property. Any dispute must be settled in Canada. SUNDANCE LODGES LTD. AND ITS EMPLOYEES reserve the right to make substitutions in accommodations/rentals & service where necessary; we will do our best to provide substitutions of equal or better value.      

Prices and policies subject to change without notice.