2018 Season: May 18 - September 16, 2018

General Reservations

General reservations start at 9am on March 19 for the 2018 season (1- 2 sites for families/couples).
To make a reservation call 403.591.7122. Emails will not be taken. If you are an international traveler, please see bottom of page.

Group Reservations


Group reservations start at 9am on March 5 for the 2018 season (3 or more sites or organized groups such as Girl Guides). Contact us at info@sundancelodges.com.

Between March 19 and 30, only General reservations will be taken. Group bookings will resume at 9am on April 2. See more Group information below.

2017 Prices

Trapper's Tent (1 double bed & 2 singles) $89.50/night

Large Tipi (1 double bed & 2 singles) $89.50/night

Small Tipi (2 single beds) $64.50/night

Campsite (unserviced) $31.50/night

Tipis are available from early June to early September. Please inquire when booking.

Check-in is between 3pm and 8pm.
Check-out is by 11am for tipis & trapper's tents; 12 noon for campsites.

  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), subject to the 5% GST & to change without notice.
  • Please note: a non-refundable booking fee of $10.00 per site will be added to each reservation. 
  • Surcharges & Camping Supplies may be paid with the reservation or on arrival. 
  • The total number of reservations or sites per individual /family/group may be limited; the number of groups may be limited on weekends.
  • A maximum of 6 people per site is allowed. 
  • Site requests are taken but we reserve the right to make changes before check-in without notification.
  • Pets must be well-behaved, always leashed, and never left alone in the tent or at the site.


Maximum allowed per campsite: 2 tents or 2 RV's or one of each. No exceptions - please be sure you have booked the correct number of campsites. This 2nd camping unit may be a sleeping tent, children’s tent, storage tent or an RV. The surcharge for this 2nd item is listed below. Note: only 1 item, usually a small tent, is allowed on a tipi/trapper’s tent site (see cost below).

  • Added tent on site $15.00/night
  • Added RV on site $25.00/night
  • Facility use charge $10.00 /night. If more than 4 adults in a large tipi/trapper's tent or more than 2 adults in a small tipi; applied to each extra adult (18 and over).
  • Pet charge: each $2.00/night
  • Firewood: available for purchase on-site (you can bring your own if it's from Alberta)


We are privately owned and operated, appealing to those who enjoy peace and tranquility. Many guests return year after year because they know we do our best to provide such an atmosphere. 

As a small Family Campground, we are not suitable for most family reunions, stags, stagettes, weddings, corporate get togethers or teen parties. We do not have a kitchen shelter or a separated group area. 

Parties are not allowed nor is offensive behaviour. Music must be "contained" within your campsite & not bother other guests during the daytime. At 10:30pm, music must be turned OFF. If you make a reservation, you are responsible for the conduct of all campers in your party as well as any visitors. If this doesn't fit with your view of camping, we're sure you'll be happier in a different campground.

Please read the campground rules below before your stay.


Minimum stays

There is no minimum stay during the week.

  • Regular Weekends: 2 nights

  • Long Weekends: 3 nights

You can start your weekend on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. If a site is booked for a Thursday & Friday night stay on a regular weekend, that site is available for someone wanting just Saturday night. In the spring and fall, the minimum stay requirement may be lifted just before a weekend begins if any sites are still left open; however, this does not change the minimum stay requirement for those who have already booked.



a) For stays of less than 7 nights, the amount may be paid in full, or as follows:

  • DEPOSIT - of one night's fees by credit card is due on booking.
  • BALANCE - goes through automatically 7 days before arrival on the same credit card

b) For stays of 7 nights or more, the amount may be paid in full, or as follows:

  • DEPOSIT - of one night's fees by credit card is due on booking.
  • BALANCE goes through automatically one month before arrival

Payments not received by due dates may result in the reservation being cancelled.

If you prefer not to make a reservation, you can take your chances on whether or not we have space and just drop-in. Drop-ins pay in full on arrival.

  • Cash
  • Credit cards (AMEX, VISA & MC) * Required for telephone reservations
  • Interac (debit card)
  • Traveler’s cheques
  • Sorry, no personal cheques accepted.
  • Wire transfers are NOT accepted

For Group payment policies please contact the office.



a) Stays less than 7 nights: Your cancellation deadline is 7 days before arrival.

Cancelling before your deadline:
If you cancel any or all nights before your deadline, there is a $10.00 administration charge per cancelled site/night.

Cancelling after your deadline:
If you cancel any or all nights after your deadline, the first night cancelled on each site is non-refundable. Minimum stays are still required on weekends. After 3pm on your check-in day, there are NO refunds.

b) Stays of 7 nights or more: The cancellation deadline is one month before arrival.

Cancelling before your deadline:
If you cancel any or all nights before your deadline, there is a $10.00 administration charge per cancelled site/night.

Cancelling after your deadline:
If you cancel any or all nights after your deadline, there are no refunds / credits. Minimum stays are still required on weekends. Be sure you want that number of nights.

c) Long Weekend Override: 
If you cancel after your cancellation deadline, all three nights of the Long Weekend are non-refundable.

Please Note - there are no refunds/rainchecks for the following:

  • cancellations after 3pm on your check-in day
  • leaving early for any reason
  • showing up late or not at all ("no show")
  • inclement weather or family emergencies
  • this also applies to any factors beyond our control including evictions, disasters, and environmental emergencies.


Please contact us by email.

  • As a small family campground, we are not set up or suitable for large family reunions, stags, stagettes, weddings, corporate get-togethers or teen groups. We do not have a kitchen shelter or separated group area. Our strict Quiet Hours 10:30pm to 8am also do not work for all groups.

  • All groups/ Organizers must request the Group Payment and Cancellation Policies from the office as they differ from those given for General Reservations above.

  • Definition of a Group Reservation:
    a. Three or more sites booking together (such as family groups, neighbours, etc.).
    b. An organized group with any number of sites such as: church organizations, schools, social services groups, scouting groups, etc.

  • Everyone participating in a Group Reservation is subject to the Group Payment & Cancellation Policies whether sites are paid for individually or by the group Organizer.

  • It is the responsibility of the Group Organizer to make all participants aware of the Group Payment & Cancellation Policies.

  • Only the Group Organizer/credit card holder can cancel/change a reservation.

  • If a group requests a specific area, e.g., a group of 3 trapper's tents together, they must fill and keep all 3 sites or they may be bumped if another group requires 3 sites together.

  • The total number of groups and the number of sites per group may be limited on weekends. Acceptance of a Group booking will depend on several factors: when complete booking information is received as well as availability of the requested number & type of sites.

Tour operators 

Please email us at info@sundancelodges.com for initial contact and information.

Reservation, payment & cancellation policies for tour operators differ from that of general reservations. Unfortunately, we do not accept bookings from Tour Operators / Travel Agents on weekends.


If you are traveling internationally please fill out the inquiry form below. We try to respond to inquirys within three to four business days of the request. Reservations for 2018 begin March 19, 2018.
Thank you!